Liquidity Venues

Instinet added BlockCross to its suite of innovative venues to help you meet the challenges of executing significant blocks in increasingly complex and dispersed markets. The ATS's unique functionality and depth of liquidity create opportunities to execute large trades efficiently and anonymously, minimizing market impact.

Access diverse natural liquidity
BlockCross provides opportunities to cross with natural liquidity from an array of buy- and sell-side counterparties. Instinet's diverse and deep base of institutional clients from our portfolio trading, commission management, and research businesses bring even more new opportunities for liquidity to BlockCross.
Efficiently integrate your blotter
BlockCross's proprietary order blotter integration lets you tailor your interaction with the ATS from your front end. Set up alerts, respond to natural opportunities, set auto-execution instructions, communicate interest to select counterparties, and identify opportunities to optimize block trades
BlockCross Desktop
Use our proprietary interface to access a menu of configurable controls to manage orders and confirm or respond to auto-ex opportunities and IOIs
Instinet's advanced algos
Desktop users get seamless integration with Instinet's Execution Experts® algo suite, so you can also onward route your orders to the market.
Manage opportunity cost
Access available trading opportunities as you work your order—increasing your control and ability to manage best execution.
Take advantage of conditional workflow
Capture opportunistic crossing executions by leveraging conditional order types within our deep and diverse array of symbols and participants.
Ease of access
Access BlockCross through integration with leading OMS/EMS providers, through Instinet's Experts algorithms, or via a direct FIX connection.
Optimize participation strategies
You can proactively take advantage of BlockCross's continuous crossing opportunities, or passively work your orders using the ATS's unique functionality.