Workflow Solutions

Global CCA/CSA and Soft Dollar Programs

Tailored to suit clients needs, Instinet's comprehensive, global commission management solutions provide choice and customization in all key commission management components—including credit accrual, payments, execution and reporting—plus sophisticated online account management, a dedicated support team and a global execution platform.

Instinet provides choice in payment mechanisms, credit formulae, vendor and broker consolidation, reporting currency, execution venues and more.
Flexible Payments
Flexible payment options allow you to compensate for eligible services on both an invoice-based and variable basis.
Instinet's BrokerShare® program enables users to separate trading from research, improving transparency and helping fulfill client best execution mandates.
The award-winning Plazma platform offers comprehensive online account management – viewing, authorizing, budgeting and analyzing.
Credit Aggregation
Using T*Share™, clients may aggregate commission credits from participating brokers in Plazma and manage their entire commission budget from one account.
Best Execution
Commission management is supported by Instinet's global agency trading platform, helping clients meet efficiency and best execution goals simultaneously.
Plazma Online Account Management
Detailed analytics are just one feature of Instinet's Plazma, an award-winning account management platform with an array of sophisticated tools.
Service & Support
Account managers provide dedicated service and support, from setup and documentation to everyday maintenance.
Options Support
Build CSA credits through your options trades with Instinet.